Celebrating 1 year since opening our new lighting recycling factory


Thank you to our great customers and partners for a successful  first year in this business. We have already built relationships and we are looking forward to strengthen them even further by developing the concept we are promoting. We have been tracking grown of our progress for the last 12 months and we managed to deepen and develop our skills and work performance.

Also Greenlamp Recycling has implemented an Integrated Management System, Quality, Environment, and OHSAS, maintained in accordance with applicable reference documents: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008.

Our certification is proof that we consistently observe carefully and strictly monitor any process to ensure that our quality standards are met. In addition, we regularly conduct internal and external audits to maintain the commitment taken by the application to these standards.

Because we’ve  always supported the care for the environment and we've always promoted awareness about the negative effects of these lighting equipment wastes, we kindly invite you to  watch the following movie which presents the technological processes in Greenlmap Recycling.

Click here for the movie


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